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Dixie Webster

Dixie Webster

Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

Services Offered:

  • Individual Sessions | 50 Minutes | $150

  • Couples Sessions | 90 Minutes | $250

About Dixie

Dixie Webster meets each client with warmth, respect, and compassion. She believes in partnering with clients to achieve their best possible outcomes. Dixie will use her extensive people experience and knowledge of evidence-based psychotherapy techniques to help you explore ways to improve interpersonal effectiveness and achieve your goals. Dixie believes strongly in the incredible potential found in every human being. Unfortunately, negative emotions and unproductive thinking patterns interfere with our ability to achieve that potential. This can lead to issues with anxiety and depression. Therapy can give you a deeper understanding of the origin and impact of your unique thinking patterns. Learn how to create more productive thought patterns that support growth and help you tap into your innate potential.

Dixie is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate; Supervised by Lauren Coats, LPC-Supervisor. She completed her coursework through Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona.

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