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Juliana Long

Juliana Long

Licensed Professional Counselor

Services Offered:

  • Initial Consultation | 50 Minutes | $125

  • Play Therapy Session | 50 Minutes | $125

  • Activity Therapy | 50 Minutes | $125

  • Adult Individual | 50 Minutes | $125

About Juliana

Juliana is a Licensed Professional Counselor who approaches the counseling process with a holistic viewpoint, seeking to promote healing and wholeness in all areas of life. In a session with Juliana, she seeks to support, listen, understand, and validate each client’s unique experiences and feelings.

Juliana earned a Bachelors in Psychology from Texas A&M and a Masters in Counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary. In the counseling room, Juliana walks with teens and adults through the difficult chapters of life that feel overwhelming to continue to carry alone. Additionally, she works with children through a Child-Centered Play approach, allowing the child to feel the safety and freedom to process traumatic events, behavioral issues, anxiety, or life changes.

While seeking out counseling might be an intimidating thought, Juliana’s goal is to create a safe space for you to process, heal, and grow as she equips you with the tools to do so.

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